Software developer professionally since 2006, but involved with programming since the beginning of graduation 2003. During this journey, I went through several areas of software engineering, from test team, programmer, requirements analyst, developer, software engineer, architect . Starting in 2009, within Meta It’s contract with Vivo, I assumed the role of team leader, where I was responsible for managing the team and forming new developers that entered the team. These teams had different sizes and varied from 2 to 12 people, with deadlines and projects of all kinds. Always focused on the Java platform with Web development, in some moments I was responsible for maintenance in Desktop projects where Swing was used. In August 2011, I left the role of project leader a bit aside and became part of the R & D team that fulfilled Telefónica contract. In this role, I was responsible for studying the process of developing the entire team (at least 35) and proposing improvements, tools and techniques to increase team productivity. This team was also responsible for defining the architecture of the new projects and supporting the old projects in general support. In October of the same year, I became leader of this team and with the support of the team, give the guidelines of the other projects. Role that we accumulate to the present day, alternating with team leader/project role when necessary. In 2013, with the support of a friend, we founded Vórtice It, a consulting company and made some products. The company was closed in June / 2016. Starting in 2012, I started research in the area of mobile development, some pilot projects were executed at the client. We are currently evaluating the use of technologies with Javascript for the frontend and hybrid mobile development. Among some technologies I implemented in the development process, I highlight the GIT (implemented in 2012, replacing CVS). Learning new tools / technologies and taking on new challenges is what drives me.

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